Sorter (S12-DA)
04 Dec 2019 00:00

Posisi: Sorter  (S12-DA)                 
Level : Staff.
Industri: E-Commerce
Lokasi : Marunda, Jakarta Utara

Packing Staple (PS11-AF)
01 Dec 2019 00:00

Posisi: Packing Staple  (PS11-AF)  
Level : Staff.
Industri: Agriculture.
Lokasi:  Gunung Putri - Bogor.

IT Assistant (IA12-TK)
03 Dec 2019 10:25

Position:  IT Assistant (IA12-TK)          
Level : Staff.
Industry: Agricultural
Location:   South Jakarta

Admin Sales (AS011-RA)
25 Nov 2019 03:05

Posisi: Admin Sales (AS011-RA)
Level : Staff.
Industri: Pertambangan
Lokasi:  Jakarta Utara

Procurement Supervisor (PS11-AF)
02 Dec 2019 03:06

Position: Procurement Supervisor (PS11-AF)
Level : Supervisor.
Industry: Fuels Retail.
Location: West Jakarta.

Driver Logistic (DL11-AF)
23 Nov 2019 04:24

Posisi: Driver Logisticv(DL11-AF)
Level: Staff.
Industri: Consumer Product.
Lokasi: Jakarta Barat.

Loader (L12-DA)
01 Dec 2019 03:09

Posisi: Loader (L12-DA)
Level : Staff.
Industri: Logistic.
Lokasi : Marunda, Jakarta Utara.

Team Assistant/Secretary (TAS11-AF)
21 Nov 2019 07:17

Position: Team Assistant / Secretary  (TAS11-AF)
Level : Staff.
Industry: Fuels Retail.
Location: West Jakarta.

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