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Executive Search service begins with the statement and understanding of the Client goals and objectives. Our Search requires that in order us to understand the exact requirements for the candidate and how that candidate will assist in the development of the Client’s organization.

In performing this service to the Client we will assist in determining the job description, the experience requirements of the applicant and total compensation package for the position. We will then conduct our search as indicated by the total assessment performed.


In order to provide our Client with the best possible service, we will analyze the type of position to be filled and the critical nature of the personnel to be recruited to determine the most appropriate method(s) to be used.

Our three (3) standard methods are as follows :

  1. Data Bank Search – We have an active and extensive data bank consisting of personnel who have answered to our previous searches and those who have sent us their CVs. This type of search provides the quickest and most extensive list of candidates, and is most appropriate for low to mid range executive positions.
  2. Executive Search - For senior level executive positions which require a higher level of skill, we will conduct an executive search to those - who are currently performing the job in other organization.
  3. Advertisement Search - Depending upon the skill requirements it may be necessary to advertise the position in search. If it requires, we will assist to design and place the appropriate advertisement in the correct media.

The method(s) to be applied will depend upon our understanding of the needs of the Client.



Our consulting fee for the service outlined above is based on the first year’s gross salary and allowances of the individual hired for the position, with only 23% of annualized income.

If the candidate is contracted first, and later hired as permanent staff, therefor the above consulting fee will be aplied.

The Client makes payment upon Candidate signing on Client’s letter of appointment. On this note, we would like you to furnish us a copy of the appointment papers of each successful candidate stating the conditions of employment.


Quire timetable for completing an Executive Search assignment is normally two (2) to four (4) weeks from the time the proposal is accepted by Client up to the time Client selects the candidate to be hired for the position. In the event that we have to extend our timetable, we will do so in consultation with the Client.


PT. Global Sarana Sukses assures our Client that all Executive Search assignments are conducted in strictest confidentiality. Under any circumstances we do not allow confidential information by the Client to be passed on to persons who are not entitled to it.


If the Client need an alteration with the hired candidate, we will not apply any additional fee providing the alteration is issued not exceeding 3-Months service period. Validity of this proposal is one (1) year calendar from the issuance date of this agreement.


The following list of the scope of our services is intended to provide Client with the criteria to evaluate whether our scope has fully encompasses their perceived needs. In order to provide the best possible service, it must be agreed upon prior to the commencement of the assignment. In general, our scope of service includes :

  • Together with Client, defining the specifications of the position to be filled. This includes the nature of Client organization, position basic functions, the relationships of each position to others within the organization, and the responsibilities, duties and authority of the position.
  • Together with Client, defining the specification of candidate profile to fill the position. This covers professional experiences, educational background, interest, motivation and other personal attributes such as work attitudes and social background.

  • Submitting the Position Specification (previously discussed in point 1 & 2) and the Executive Search Contract to seek Client approval. Throughout the assignment, these will become our main working papers on which we operate.

  • Applying one or more of recruitment methodology, we will then begin the selection of suitable candidates. This will be done through in-depth interview, vis-à-vis Position Specification, and if necessary, psychological assessment and reference checks.

  • We will continue to report on potential candidates. When a suitable candidate has been chosen, we will arrange Client – Candidate meetings.

Is your valuable time wasted in selecting and background check of a potential candidate who later prove unqualified for your company.
Has questionable information by a candidate slipped through the interview?

PT. Global Sarana Sukses placement and recruitment services can assist you in recruiting a qualified candidate for your available position and often with less cost to you both time and money.

Here is Why?

  • We refer to you only qualified and motivated candidate.
  • We practice complete confidentially.
  • We approach our work from our clients view points.
  • We can provide for permanent and contract team basis.
  • We taking over the personnel search, means eliminated one of your human resources.


To maximize and improving the company operating activity, it will need a great management to all sources, and one of the most significant to those affectivities and efficiencies out of system and regulation is Human Resource Management.

A manufacturing, Banking, Construction, Mining, Oil & Gas and Trading & Service which involve a Huge Contract Employee, would be a potential problem, if not handling properly and may affect to the Work quality of Company.

Relation to this subject PT. GLOBAL SARANA SUKSES (PT. GSS) as a Human Resources Management Service, offer a great solution for employee outsourcing in Indonesia. We Offer you as OUTSOURCING, Which mean: Client and a Third Party to maintain and develop your Employee together.


  • To provide a human resource with health, and great integrity.
  • Placing the Candidate.
  • To motivate the workforce.
  • Assist our clients to improve the responsibility sense of the employee.
  • Assist Our Clients to evaluate and solve the problem interrelation of Human Resources. Assist Our Clients to evaluate and solve the problem interrelation of Human Resources.
  • To improve and boost the employees capability and quality.


  1. To maximizing the contract Labour by output capacity measurement.
  2. Client not to waste their time for personnel problem, due to PT. Global Sarana Sukses will take over the issue.
  3. Client at any time can replace the labour, assume is inefficiencies.
  4. To save the time of the Client, for Income Tax calculation, Insurance’s, and Termination problem.
  5. Client can deport or terminate the Labour level at any time necessary to the contractor, if the client get an unstable of man power usage caused by any condition.
  6. Client can make a maximum evaluation to the contract labour capacity and capability.
  7. Client has possibilities to hire permanent the good and reputable Contract labour with discussion to PT. Global Sarana Sukses.
  8. Client has a right and able to enforce the Company regulation to labours.
  9. Client not to worry for Lebaran Bonus. PT. Global Sarana Sukses will arrange for those.



D-1. THE PT. Global Sarana Sukses RIGHT

  • To Invoice the client for payroll claim which will paid by GSS to the employee, including GSS fees by monthly basis as agreed by both parties.


  • To filing The Jamsostek (Insurance) for employee, and payment.
  • To handling of Man Power Safety Hazardous.
  • To prepare monthly Salary and payment.
  • To prepare payment of Lebaran Bonus (THR) to the employee.
  • To filing Employee Income Tax and Payment.
  • To terminate undisciplined workforces and re hire for substitution.
  • Lease with Client to Control and supervise the work forces.
  • To Keep and handle all the Administration of the Workforce.




  • Doing recruitment and To finalize the candidate selection which already nominate by PT. Global Sarana Sukses.
  • To utilize the workforce base on the Client requirement and needs.
  • Applying the Client regulation to all the workforces.


  • Paying Wages and Overtime base on the prevailing Government regulation.
  • To provide Safety procedure and awareness to all workforces.
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